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when you think that deposit saving can't afford your future need, its time to have passive income in your life. So you can get higher income with less work. This global crisis forced us to think about it, when fixed deposit can't give us high returned anymore, with worsening global crisis, both government and central bank have a decision to cut off rates

Here some investment that you can consider as investment alternatives, so you can diversify your portfolio and make the money work for them in this uncertainty economics
Money Market Funds
Are unit trust that invest into low-risk, short term debt instruments (they have low risk rating based on Fundsupermart.com's risk rating system). Money market funds invest in short-terms debt of bank, companies and government such as commercial paper, repurchase agreement or treasury bills. This kind of investment suitable for investor who want capital preservation and the ease of liquidity
what about the risk? like other funds, money market funds have risk of poor management, inflation and unguaranteed return

Bond funds
Bond funds are fixed income with lower risk than equity funds. Bonds are debt securities and bond funds invest into variety bonds such as government bond, investment-grade bonds, high yield bonds and emerging market bond. Bond funds usually issued regular dividend and because it invest in different bond issues and the coupon payment and maturities not fixed
Investor have to bear that not all bond fund have same risk and return. The higher return will have the higher risk.

Real estate Investment trust
Reit is a corporation or trust that uses the combined capital of many investor to purchase and manage real estate assets. Like shares REITs offer greater flexibility as they are traded in stock market. And the risk of REITs is volatility as REITs are traded publicly, their price will fluctuate according to market sentiment. Important for investor considering well managed building and good location

High dividend stock funds
as for those who unsure of investing in equities, but are attracted to dividends offered by the stocks

Kode PPC Anda

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