Why you need to save your money?

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Sometimes we feel hard for saving our money, one reason because we only have a little income. But do you know, saving are most important in you life. Do you realize that we never know what will happen in our future? Sometimes we face emergency problem and we need much money for that. Its ok you can say, we have credit card we can use it for emergency. But think it again, if you use credit card u must pay the bank some interest expense, it means you will spend your money more and more. Plan to have your health care saving and emergency saving.

Another reason why you need to save money are your kids. You must prepare a big sum educational saving for their education. It is not a little amount, because inflation will go high when your kids really need your support for your education. Don't screw up your kids' future because you have no proper educational saving plan for their college.

Thinking to have an own house? Must be. You won't rent a house for your entire life isn't it? You need to have a home saving too for your down payment. Its a huge amount of money, especially if you want to put a bigger down payment so you will have a smaller amount in your installment. You must have a brief plan so have no difficulties to buy your dream house.

And most important for your consideration, you not life only for this time, when you still have a job and earn your money. You need to think about your retirement saving. But as we know, it is difficult to start, as we save for a car and then a house. And soon after, there will be educational expenses for kids. But you cannot afford to keep postponing your financial planning for retirement saving. In order to have sufficient income to cover all those non-working years, you cannot leave the plan to the very last moment

Start to save your money regularly and put it in the correct post to reach your goal, left your habit only to save occasionally when you have your income left.
from now own, put our money saving for the first place, and the rest of it we can spend it as our daily expenditure.

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  1. Mharms  

    April 11, 2009 at 12:30 PM

    Right it is really hard to save money...sometimes. I agree with you.
    by the way thank you for leaving a comment in my post :)

  2. Joe Engressia  

    April 12, 2009 at 12:28 PM

    ya, we must save our money to get good future, because we don't know what is which going happen later. ^_^

  3. MsRay  

    April 27, 2009 at 1:53 AM

    We really need to save for rainy days. Thanks for the reminder.